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Welcome to Bombay Garden

Bombay Garden takes a page from the culinary extravaganzas of the 'Grand Moguls' and brings the past to life, in the ambience and hospitality representative of those golden times, when every meal was a feast and every feast a gourmet's delight.

All spices and herbs are used, not only offers flavors and aroma to the food but healing and digestive properties. re closely link. At Bombay Garden, we use the finest ingredients to make food that is delicious.

You can now order food online and avail delicious food ready for pick-ups and get discounts too.

Parties & Catering

  • Bombay Garden specializes in catering and has the finest Banquet for up to 550 people in Newark
  • For catered parties at Bombay Garden we have a full bar, club style mirrored dance floor, true club lighing, and professional 10,000 watts Crown and JBL sound system.
  • On the culinary level, it was the East which conquered the West, bringing along both South and North to raise Curry to Universal Popularity.
  • No party is too small or too large for us to handle.
  • We specialize in all sort of events from birthdays to weddings